Candy every day or to be healthy?

Candy every day or to be healthy?

In October, a friend told me about a healthy cleanse that he and his husband were starting, and since I have been steadily gaining weight over the years, I decided to look into it. My weight gain is really only about 1 pound a year, but at 54 years old that is at least 20 pounds more than I should weigh. My cholesterol and blood sugar were also going up slowly, but were getting higher than my doctor recommended. With my yearly physical coming up in November, I had decided to give the plan a try. I got the book The 17 Day Diet by Mike Moreno from the library to see what would be required. It turned out to be a really healthy eating plan with a cleanse/detox from carbs and sugar. I was skeptical if I could stay on it since I normally eat a lot of cookies, candy and ice cream. The first thing that I noticed once I started it was that the afternoon slump I usually experienced, probably from up and down blood sugar levels, disappeared. Also, even though my usual junk food still sounded enticing, my actual cravings seemed to diminish. I made it until mid December with a 14 pound weight loss plus my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were great at my November physical. As usual the holidays gave me a free pass to indulge, and I found myself with a 6 pound gain and now counting. I decided to try it again, but this time to really try a life style change once I have lost 10 pounds. The word diet has become synonymous with restricting calories or even eliminating certain foods completely, but really it is simply food regularly provided or consumed. I know that I need to change what I consume on a regular basis if I want to be healthy, which I do. Everything I can eat on this diet is natural and delicious. I can eat vegetables and protein with yogurt and fruit servings as well. On each 17 day phase, I can slowly add more servings of bread and even wine and cheese. When I was eating this way in October, I added the calories up and was still consuming almost 2,000 calories a day and losing weight and feeling great. I am on day 2 again and just prepped for lunch meals today and cut up some vegetables to snack on when I decide to nibble out of boredom. I don’t want to stop eating, I just want to be healthy and feel good. That is my choice. I know that I can’t choose candy, cookies and ice cream every day and still choose my health. Wish me luck!

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