Are you ready for tonight? #Oscars

Are you ready for tonight? #Oscars

Audrey Hepburn was quoted as saying, “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” I absolutely love getting lost in a movie. If money and time were not an issue, I would go to the theater more often to watch them on the big screen with my container of popcorn. Renting and watching them from the library is a close second though. Yesterday, I watched two movies in anticipation of the Academy awards tonight. I watched The Wife with Glenn Close and A Star is Born with a Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, even though I saw it in the theater before. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and Black Panther at the theater and at home, as well as Blackkklansman at home. I still haven’t been able to see the 4 other nominated movies, Roma, the Green Book, Vice or The Favourite. I have also watched RBG, the amazing documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the animated one, The Incredibles 2. The last few years I have been able to get most of the nominated movies from the library right before the award show or shortly after which I love doing. Currently, I have my list of the nominated movies and categories with the ones that I have seen thus far highlighted, and am excited to watch The Oscars tonight. I am even attending an Oscars party! It always amazes me which movie wins, and usually it is not the one that I would have chosen. As I watch the award nominated movies as well as others, I think about the message of the movie and how it relates to my life. I can discover so much about myself and the lessons they show me as I get lost in each movie.

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