Deep Thoughts: We all have our own version of truth

Deep Thoughts: We all have our own version of truth

What is truth? What is reality or should I ask what is my own reality? Do we all see things exactly the same way? I have learned that we each experience life differently. When I interact with others on a personal or professional level, I must understand that each of us sees our own behavior and the circumstances with our own view or filter of life. This perception comes from the life we each have lived, all of our circumstances and experiences. I would like to believe that the events of my life would not make me see a person or situation different than anyone else would; yet life has proved that I do; we all do. Think about before the microscope was invented or before we learned that the world was not, indeed, flat. Those were perceptions of reality based on what people knew. Can I look beyond my reality and try to see the aspects of life that are not visible to my perception of what I believe is true? When I know better, I can do better.

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