What would you do if you won the lottery?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I bought a lottery ticket on Monday. I don’t do this every week, maybe once or twice a month. Usually I don’t check the winning numbers for a few days after the drawing because I love that feeling of living in the win. I imagine a time where I am the winner of the lottery. I live it out in my head; I let myself imagine what it feels like.

I look down at the wrinkled ticket in my hand as I compare the numbers to the website on my phone. First number= match, second number= match, third number= match. I stop and recheck the date on the ticket, and refresh the website winning numbers on my phone. Then as I recheck the first three numbers, I feel myself holding my breath and verify that all 6 numbers match. I call my mom and my kids to say that I think I just won the lottery. I google the question “What to do if you win the lottery?” before I call an accountant and probably a lawyer to see what my next step should be after I put the ticket carefully in my mother’s safe. Once I set in motion the steps I need to do before claiming my prize, I continue living life as if everything is still the same, except I go out and buy the newest iPhone so that I can document the journey on an undamaged phone. 

What I do once I receive my money depends on how much I actually win. My mom and each of my daughters will each receive $14,000 since that’s the most I think I can give them as a gift without them having to pay taxes on it. Next, I would book my first adventure. I might start out big with a trip to Australia or small with a trip down California Highway. I know that as I travel the world, I will continue writing my blog and my books, in addition to opening a business to help others. I know these dreams will eventually become a reality, it just might come sooner than expected if I win. Winning the lottery will not complete my life, but it would enable me to live it bigger, sooner and louder.

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