Have you heard of "Trunk or Treat"?

Have you heard of "Trunk or Treat"?
Me as Hermoine from Harry Potter

Back when my girls were young, we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was dark out every year because they did the time change before Halloween back then, and the girls got tired especially when no one was home at some of the houses or there was a longer distance between houses. Then they started having trick or treating at the mall. That was okay except I had three kids in three and a half years, and the mall was crowded, so I was afraid that one would run ahead and get lost. Now a few years ago, “Trunk or Treat” became a thing. My girls were too old by then, and I wasn’t quite sure about it at first. I thought, “So you decorate the trunk of your car and the kids just get to go from car to car in a parking lot?” Now it is my favorite part of Halloween since I have seen so many amazing trunks over the years. Here are 4 types of trunks I saw this year when we had one for all of the teachers and the families that attend Bright Horizons at Deer Park where I work this past weekend.

To start, I saw some “Fun Ones” like this Emoji style décor.


Next, there were some “Kid Focused” trunks like this Sesame Street theme.

Then, there were ones that hit the “Current Fad” list like this Baby Shark Trunk, complete with the song on repeat.


Lastly, for those wanting to go towards a more “Mature Theme”, there was a Jurassic Park one.


Now that I see it in action, I love it. The families could trick or treat in a safe place, where we all know each other; all of the people were dressed up and the trunks were decorated so creatively. Maybe this is what neighborhoods felt like once upon a time.

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