Writing, blogging and social media

Writing, blogging and social media

I have always had an interest in books and even began to write my first novel back in 1996, but I never finished it. Then in 2013, I finally finished and self-published my first book Fun4BabiesI had sent it to one publisher who gave me great feedback, but then I decided to self-publish. I checked out a bunch of books on how to self-publish, promote and market my book. The Early Childhood center I work at even let me do some book signings. I opened various social media accounts as the library books instructed me to do, and I reached out to local newspapers to tell them about my book. A couple even wrote about me and my little book of infant activities. I remember one woman came to the school I work at because she read an article and wanted to buy a copy. It was amazing.

The feeling of holding a book that I wrote was intoxicating, and I wanted more. At first I began revising that book from 1996, but I was inspired instead to write Riding Waves, a fiction story about a young girl falling in love and heading to college. Around that same time I started a blog, but never really knew what to write about. Then I received a book of positive quotations from my daughters and decided to write a post every day for one year leading up to my birthday. I started strong, but it was a daunting task to write a post every day, but I did it. It ultimately helped develop the discipline I would need to be a writer. I completed the year of blogging and published Riding Waves in 2014. I self-published this book too since I had success from Fun4Babies, but I quickly realized that I didn’t have a ready made audience to sell this book to so I struggled with marketing it. I did some author fairs and ramped up my social media presence, but the sales are still slow but at least steady.

bal-media-fairAlthough I was still posting on my own blog sporadically, in 2016 I started writing the blog Looking For The Good for ChicagoNow. Through writing this blog, I have met an amazing community of friends, encouragers and cheerleaders. I love being part of a group that lift each other up and inspire one another. I read so many fellow bloggers as I know some of them read mine too. I continue to learn and grow, but what a change from where I started in 2013. This weekend, I am excited to share my experience and knowledge of the process of blogging, self-publishing and creating a social media presence at the Barrington Area Library in Barrington, Illinois. Stop by and say hello on Sunday September 23rd from 1:30-4:30.

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