Cheer on the Irish: A Notre Dame Interview

Cheer on the Irish: A Notre Dame Interview

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Notre Dame Football game with my daughter and her fiancé. Then when I posted about it on Facebook so many people at work told me that they went there or knew someone that was an alumni or even just that they loved Notre dame. I decided to ask my future son-in-law Marc about his experience there.

screen-shot-2018-09-28-at-11-45-14-pmWhen and how did you first learn about University of Notre Dame College? I first learned about the University of Notre Dame when I went to watch the football games as a little kid with my family. We’d wake up before sunrise, jump into the car and take the 3-hour road trip from the Chicago suburbs to South Bend, and we’d always stop at the Skyway McDonald’s for breakfast. As a little kid, I went for the excitement and to watch my favorite college football team put on the blue & gold uniforms, but I learned to appreciate Notre Dame for a lot more, namely its academics, long standing traditions, and tight-knit community.

What was the best thing about attending college there? The best thing about attending Notre Dame was by far and above the amazing friendships developed over my 4 years there. In particular, those friendships grew strongest with fellow roommates in Carroll Hall and at Notre Dame’s study abroad program in London. Even though we are all in different locations, and I don’t see everyone as frequently, I have a great group of lifelong friends from my years at Notre Dame.

Was there a downside to attending? I don’t think there was any downside, but in retrospect, I wish had taken a more diverse course load in areas like computer science, biology, statistics, or art/design.

How often do you go back? I go back to Notre Dame at least 1 or 2 times per year to cheer on the Irish against our rivals.

Are you involved in any alumni events? I’m not really involved in alumni events, but I’ve been at the career fairs each year to help recruit for internship and full-time positions.

Last question. What’s your favorite thing about being a Notre Dame alumni? My favorite thing is having an affiliation and a shared community wherever I go. I’m always running into fellow Notre Dame alumni who welcome me with a friendly hello.

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