I believe that I can

I believe that I can

Ten days ago, my world was full of promise as I completed the final draft of my book Suppression, and began the process of acquiring an agent to get it published. Today, I received the second rejection letter of the two agents I sent my query letter to. I know that it is only two, but I also know that it is so easy to give up when the going gets tough or when things don’t go the way that I planned. I feel defeated, but I also feel angry. Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?

I am a good, person, and I deserve to find an agent and get a book deal. I deserve to have it come easy. In fact, I deserve to win the lottery;I deserve a nice car; I deserve to be in love; I deserve to have success. I deserve, I deserve, I deserve… What does having that sense of entitlement do me? I have witnessed this “feeling of deserving”, and I know that it hurts people. It blocks their wisdom and creativity. It takes away their drive, and it diminishes their power by placing the action outside of them and out of their control. I know that I don’t want that.

screen-shot-2018-03-16-at-2-27-13-pmInstead, I want to be fearless. I desire to be strong and to imagine that I can see all of my dreams coming true. I believe that I can achieve all that I want through love, creativity, passion and drive. I need to keep repeating this as I keep trying, “She believed she could so she did.”

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