An Interview: What do you like to do on Labor Day weekend?

An Interview: What do you like to do on Labor Day weekend?

For this month’s interview, I decided to ask what people like to do on Labor Day weekend. Spending time outside seemed to be a common thread so let’s hope for great weather this upcoming weekend. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please share yours in the comments.

Since my birthday usually falls around Labor Day Weekend, I love to spend the weekend with my family doing something outdoors and just relaxing. ~ Susan (Me)

One of my favorite phrases is “il dolce far niente” which translates from Italian to “the sweetness of doing nothing.” I like to spend my Labor Day weekend taking a break from the business of life & work to just relax outside, appreciate the world around me, savor the sweet simple moments of life, and do “nothing.” ~Morgan

Beach, relaxing, friends/ family ~Taylor

My mom’s birthday is September 1st so it always falls on Labor Day weekend! I love celebrating her birthday with her and enjoying the last bit of summer outside doing fun activities with friends and family! We typically enjoy going swimming, hiking, bike rides, and barbecuing! ~Sydney

Just spending time with my family. ~Babs

I typically like to spend it at home with family grilling outside and going to a pool. ~Marc

Relaxing with a couple of beers ~Chris

With loved ones! ~Amy

I don’t think I ever do anything lol. Just sleep I guess. ~Gabrielle

I love spending holidays with my family. This year my parents are visiting from Brazil. We are having a meet and greet BBQ with friends in out house. ~Joao

Generally it depends on who is around but my favorite way to spend it is with family barbecuing or whenever possible on a boat with friends like Erica. ~Trevor

Try to spend it with friends and/or family just being mellow together lol ~Jennifer R

Probably sleeping! ~Alexandra

Market Square Art Show in Lake Forest is our regular plan for the Sunday/Monday of the holiday weekend. ~Ronda

It is Abe’s and my one year so hopefully celebrating with him. ~Kimberly

Labor Day weekend represents end of summer so doing something outdoors- swimming, beach, BBQ, etc… definitely with family or a quick last summer weekend getaway. This year I’m very excited because Vito and I are taking a trip to Napa valley that weekend to celebrate our anniversary in September. The kids will be with family in Michigan at a cabin on the lake so they will have their last summer fling having fun too!  ~Katia

I usually spend Labor Day weekend camping with family and friends or relaxing at home and getting together with family and friends for a bbq. ~Jenny

Oh man I don’t know! My guess would probably be with family, hopefully seeing my nephew. ~Joanna

Doing nothing. ~Marco

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