Review: Do I review Summerfest or Hunter Hayes?
Review: Do I review Summerfest or Hunter Hayes?
Hunter Hayes at Summerfest 2018

Summerfest started in 1968 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The great thing about this music fest is that you pay $20 for the day, and you can see all of the performers on any stage, except the headliner- that does cost extra. I went Saturday July 7th to experience the fest and to see Hunter Hayes. Although he admitted that he hasn’t had a new album out in 4 years, he still drew a huge crowd. Here is my review of Milwaukee Summerfest on day 10.

Hunter Hayes at Summerfest 2018

Favorite Part: Hunter Hayes! He was funny, sweet and an amazing guitarist. He played old favorites as well as some new ones. I am looking forward to a new album from him.

 Did it hold my attention? The fest with the food, a few rides, some arts and craft booths and music from various stages on the ground was different than I expected. It was crowded but not overwhelming. I ate taco’s and mini-donuts and the people I was with had brats and Greek food, so there was a great selection to choose from to eat. As far as Hunter Hayes’ performance, I was one of the people in my seat 2 hours early to make sure I could see and hear him perform.

 Did I connect with it on an emotional level? Yes, because this is a great way for people to see and hear great music for a fair price.I definitely connected with Hunter Hayes concert because I loved his old songs as well as his new ones. I loved sitting and people watching too.

Did I think about it or talk about it later?Yes, I read about Summerfest with Hunter Hayes in particular. I have also been listening to some of his music and will be watching for his new songs.

Would I attend it again? Definitely, I will be looking at the musical guests next year, and making plans to attend 1-2 days out of the 11.

3 Stars   1=bad, 2=good 3=great

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