“My search for something different brought me here tonight”

“My search for something different brought me here tonight”

I will always love the first two books that I wrote. They definitely hold a special place in my heart, but my newest book was a gift. Fun4Babies just came from such a deep place of love for what I was doing, being an infant teacher. Then Riding Waves was a story that needed to come out of me, to heal those broken places, created from things that happened in the past. After I published Riding Waves, I initially returned to working on a book, currently titled Growing Flowers, that I started writing in 2000. I do have ideas for it and definitely want to finish it next, but Suppression just interrupted that book. It consumed my thoughts until I finally began to write it. It is my third and most recent book, and it is a true inspiration from above. I just finished the first book that will be a series of three. The first line of the book, “My search for something different brought me here tonight” completely describes how I felt writing this book. I do love and read dystopian and futuristic books like Hunger Games, Divergent and Warcross, but I imagine a future that is bright and ultimately gives me hope for the world…. I can’t wait to share my vision of the future with you.

screen-shot-2018-07-30-at-8-51-00-amIn 2135, twenty-four year old Peyton lives with her parents and her brother in one of the few civilizations remaining and thriving in what is left of America after everything and everyone was almost destroyed by a war one hundred years earlier. People are making major advances in communicating with one another and even traveling through thought alone after cities were rebuilt and guidelines for living were put into place. Peyton is learning about life from her Grandmother Ava, but soon realizes that time is running out to understand all that her grandmother is trying to tell her about the past.She is already questioning the plan and purpose she has for her life when she and her best friend, Reese, wander into a local Art Gallery where she meets Dallas. She is drawn to him and to the sunsets he paints in ways that she can’t describe, ways that contradict common sense and logic. As she discovers facts about life that surprise her, she has to choose between the life that she has planned or take a risk and choose this new and unknown path.

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