Do you ever wonder about people’s tattoos?

Do you ever wonder about people’s tattoos?
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I don’t have any tattoos myself, but I have a few friends and some family members that do. Because I never had a desire to get one, I find it very interesting to understand why someone would get a tattoo and how they pick the ones that they have. I decided to interview my niece, Isabella, who has 6 tattoos of various sizes to learn more about why she gets them.

How many tattoos do you have? 6

Briefly describe each of your tattoos and the meaning behind it:

  • My first tattoo is the Cancer crab, for my horoscope, on my foot.
  • I have a Lotus flower on other foot because it is a flower grown in murky, muddy water, yet they are beautiful and pure.
  • Friday the thirteenth Eye of Horus is on my on sternum which is an Egyptian symbol of protection, power and health with a 13 as the pupil.
  • Then the Phases of the moon (9 moons) are down my whole spine. Like the moon, I am always changing.
  • My last one is a wolf face with metatron cube (sacred geometry) on my thigh. It is my most recent and my largest.

screen-shot-2018-06-29-at-11-57-27-pmYou didn’t mention the tattoo on your neck. I totally forgot! It saysShow love Spread love” the mantra of my favorite artist, Griz’.

I didn’t know you drew. Are the tattoos of the phases of the moon and the wolf the actual drawings that you did? Phases yes, but the wolf is a little different. It is much larger and had a few fixes to it

 Do you have a favorite tattoo? The wolf and the phases of the moon are. I drew both tattoos when I was a teenager and had dreamed about them for years before they became a reality, now on my skin forever.

Do you have plans to get any more? Yes! Many more.

Why do you get tattoos? It is a form of expression, and it is the most beautiful kind of art.

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