Thoughts on the Indy 500

Thoughts on the Indy 500

A lifetime ago before marriage and kids, I went to the Indy 500 for a number of years. Since my father worked for Kraco Enterprises and they sponsored a car in the 80’s and 90’s, I was able to go into Gasoline Alley as well as walk by the cars on the track before race day. I even met a couple of their drivers over the years like Kevin Cogan, Bobby Rahal and Michael Andretti, and I admit it, my younger self was impressed back then. I thought it was so cool and imagined these driver’s lives as being amazing. I don’t know, maybe they were, but I am not as impressed with the glitz and excitement after a few more years of living life and understanding what is really important.

These are 3 of the things that I care about now:

  1. People who help others, in big ways as well as in little things.
  2. People who are kind. This is a special sort of person, and we need more of them in the world today.
  3. People who keep pursuing their dreams no matter what challenges get in their way.

Perhaps, I could still be impressed by the drivers of the Indy 500 today if they are doing things that matter to me today.

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