I love telling a story

I love telling a story

Why be part of an author fair? This was the third author fair that I have participated in. At the first one, we were each given 3-5 minutes to speak to give our elevator speech, essentially our sales pitch of why someone should buy our book. In all, I have only sold maybe six total books at these events, with selling only one this year. I think part of the reason for low sales is that this fair does not seem to attract the right demographic for my two books. One of my books is for new mothers (Fun4Babies Book) and the other is for 17-24 year olds (Riding Waves Book), but I keep coming back.

Here are the four reasons why:

  1. It is great experience talking to others about my book. Sometimes when a person asks what my book is about, I simply go blank so I definitely need this practice.
  2. It is also fun figuring out how to set up a display to make it look nice and appealing. Last year I did infant toys to go with my Fun4Babies Book, but this year, I did flowers and seashells for Riding Waves.
  3. The next reason I came this year is because my fellow authors are an awesome group of people. I have met some really nice people, and we all seem to encourage and support one another. One person I exchanged emails with and even bought her book.
  4. The last reason is that selling one book is still one book more than I sold before today. Who knows maybe someone will go on iTunes or Amazon still and buy a copy later?

I write because I love expressing myself through words; I love telling a story. Even if I only reach one person, that makes me happy.

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