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"We are full of weakness and errors"

Although I often forget this, I do believe that the people in our lives are the ones that can help us learn about and heal aspects of ourselves. It is not some random chance that intertwines our lives. We are together to help and heal, learn and grown, love and often hurt. Some of the... Read more »

What can we learn from animals?

Tonight’s Blogapalooz-Hour Challenge was to write about an animal. I don’t have a pet, yet this prompt made me start to think about why animals are so special. What makes people post pictures and affirmations of love about their pets? My mom had many pets over the years, and I recently interviewed her about having pets... Read more »

I Marched FOR...

It was a chilly Saturday morning in a Chicago Suburb as people, young and old, gathered to march. I got to the middle school rally early, as always, so I stood along the building and observed and listened as individuals and groups arrived. People were carrying many different signs with many saying #EnoughIsEnough and #NeverAgain.... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Nando’s

Restaurant Review: Nando’s
What restaurant did I go to? Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken How did I hear about it? My daughter ate there when she studied abroad in London. She kept talking about it until they opened a restaurant here. When did I go there and where is it located? I went for lunch Saturday to Old Orchard Mall location in Skokie,... Read more »

Some habits are hard to break.

It all started on Ash Wednesday for me, beginning the 40 days of Lent before Good Friday and Easter when I went to church to get ashes. Even though, I no longer follow most of the components of the Catholic faith, some habits are hard to break. Over the years, I have not lost my... Read more »

Do you cook with love?

I have never really enjoyed cooking, but I didn’t mind doing it when the kids were young and living at home. Now I would prefer a bowl of ice cream or cereal for dinner versus cooking a meal. My sister, Amy, though is a great chef. Everything she makes is delicious whether she is cooking... Read more »

Are singing competition shows still a thing?

I was always a huge fan of American Idol. I never missed a show if at all possible, and I bought many of the songs. A friend of mine even brought me when the tour came to Chicago with one of my favorite contestants, Adam Lambert, which was amazing. This week, I was watching The Voice... Read more »

Who wears cowboy boots anymore?

I wrote a fiction book called Riding Waves in 2014. Sometimes I like to read all or parts of it and try to imagine what I would think about it if it was written by someone else. Writing is an interesting concept because I am often too critical of the words I write, but other... Read more »