The Super Bowl is all about the halftime show!

What is my favorite Super Bowl memory? That is the topic for our ChicagoNow Blogapalooz tonight. I only have one hour to write and post as per the challenge, which I usually love except for today since I am stuck. I do like watching sports, but usually only in person. I know that I should, but I don’t really even remember much about the game when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1986 except for The Super Bowl Shuffle, the players and Coach Mike Ditka. Through the years though, we did host many Super Bowl parties so I was usually too busy to sit and watch the games.



What I do remember is decorating the house, cooking and the excitement surrounding the day. I also love finding out who will be performing at the halftime show. I must admit, that I always stopped “hosting” long enough to sit and watch the halftime show no matter who was singing, although many others would say it is not really part of the game. I also love to see some of the crazy commercials that are broadcast only during the game. One year we did watch the game at a Sports restaurant, which was much more relaxing for me, and I even won a shirt during the game (see my selfie). Since I no longer host a party, I will have the game on, but I might be multitasking, at least until the halftime show. Then Justin Timberlake will have my full attention.

                                      Go Eagles, Patriots and JT.


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