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The Super Bowl is all about the halftime show!

What is my favorite Super Bowl memory? That is the topic for our ChicagoNow Blogapalooz tonight. I only have one hour to write and post as per the challenge, which I usually love except for today since I am stuck. I do like watching sports, but usually only in person. I know that I should,... Read more »

How do you discover new books to read?

I have read two books in the last week, The Hate U Give and The Immortalists. They are very different, but they have really caused me to think as well as start conversations with others about them. I am an avid reader and am always looking for books that entertain and challenge me. Here are a... Read more »

Book Review: The Hate U Give (No spoilers)

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Stars 1=bad, 2=good 3=great: 3 Stars Favorite Quote: “Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.” Brief description: The Hate U Give is about a sixteen year old girl living in a poor area, yet going... Read more »

We are more powerful together

Morgan and I at the Woman's March Chicago Rally.
My daughter, Morgan and I attended the rally and marched in Chicago today, and I loved reading all of the signs. Luckily, Morgan took pictures of them because I decided after the #WomansMarchChicago that I wanted to post them. I didn’t make one because I couldn’t think of what I would write, but if I march... Read more »

Pets are a gift that you give to yourself

I have never really had a pet of my own. I had hamsters when I was little and a poodle from one of our litters when I was around 19, but I didn’t really own her since my mom paid her bills and took care of her when I went out. I never had to... Read more »

Do you like the Lincoln Park Zoo area?

Each month our ChicagoNow Community Manager challenges us to write about a surprise topic of his choice in one hour. I love this challenge, so since I was sick with strep throat, I was sad that I missed the December Blogapalooz, “Write about your favorite place in Chicago.” I have lived in the Chicago suburbs... Read more »

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman (no spoilers included)

I love movies and always have. I rent most movies from the library to watch, but I do buy movies that I love and will watch again and again like the Star Wars and a Harry Potter movies. There are also some movies that must be viewed at the movie theater on the big screen... Read more »