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Does a goodbye need to be sad?

I have said goodbye to loved ones who have died, to homes that I have left, to places that I have visited and to jobs that I have quit, but not every “farewell” has been sad. Although I did not want my father to die, I said goodbye when his fight with cancer was over.... Read more »

The struggle is real

I am struggling this week to stay in the mindset of gratitude and the posture of #LookingForTheGood. I am not depressed or even really sad, I am just not joyful or happy. I hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with good food and great company, but it just reminded me that I don’t have a home... Read more »

Find the reward in giving

We recently had a group of teenagers visit the school that I work at, and I kept hearing the words, “I want to have a baby.” I know that I too wanted a baby when I was young, and I ended up having my three children at the ages of 27, 29 and 31 years... Read more »

What's your hairstyle?

When I was little, maybe 6
There are some people that look the same as time passes by, but I have never been that way. In fact, I love to change the length, style and color of my hair. I either love change or I am striving to not be defined by how I look. Show me your hairstyles too. Type... Read more »

Student at heart; a lifelong learner

I first met Joao when he started working at Bright Horizons. Since I was an infant teacher, and he was a preschool teacher, we didn’t interact daily until we began working on the leadership team together. We both love to implement trainings, especially the one on Diversity for new Bright Horizons employees, so now we... Read more »

Do you believe in angels?

G.K. Chesterton said, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; devils fall because of their gravity.” I am not sure that G.K. meant angels and devils in the literal heaven and hell sense, but I interpret it to mean that here on earth, we can live the life of an angel if we are not too serious and appreciate the... Read more »

5 Steps To Reach A Goal

I am in debt, and it is weighing me down like a heavy burden, financially as well as emotionally. I think of myself as responsible, detail oriented, organized and competent, so how did I get myself in this situation? The truth is that it doesn’t matter how I got here except to learn how to... Read more »