Is the black and white photo challenge fun?

Have you heard about this black and white photo challenge that is going around Facebook? The challenge is to post every day for seven days in a row a black and white photo that describes your life.

screen-shot-2017-10-18-at-7-50-51-pmAt first I thought, “Sure, I can do this.” Then I realized there are a couple of rules:

#1 You can’t give any explanation or description. As a person who loves words, that is my first trouble with the game.

#2 You can’t have any people in the picture. What!? My family is “what” describes who I am. I have no problem being defined by the people I love.

#3 You are to tag someone else new each day to play as well. Hmm, I am not sure who to tag. If I pick some people, they might get annoyed that I asked them to play this little game, but then others could be offended if I don’t pick them.

I know that I am probably stressing too much over a silly challenge that I could just say no to, but I do like photos and challenges. I wonder how much sleep I will lose trying to decide if I want to join in on this so-called FUN!

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