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Obsessions… I must admit that I am a little obsessed currently with these blogapalooz challenges, but the topic was to write about something in my life I once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about, so that is out. Many questions came to mind to write about once I read tonight’s challenge like... Read more »

Do you express your beliefs and opinions?

When faced with differing opinions, I often choose to stay neutral and not get involved. I hate conflict and fighting so I will push my feelings down in order to keep the peace. That has not always worked out well though since I do have a bad temper so if pushed too far I explode.... Read more »

Do you try new things, or do you always play it safe?

Most of my life, I have been more of the predictable choice type of person. Except for a couple big decisions, I often let fear prevent me from stepping outside of my comfort zone. Even though I ended up divorced, I always dated and married inside my own sphere of life. I went to college,... Read more »

The earth laughs in flowers

This weekend as I went for walks with my mom, her dog Molly and my daughter’s puppy Lula, I couldn’t help but notice the flowers all around me. As cities are being destroyed by hurricanes, I was even more grateful than I usually am for the beauty all around me. The flowers were still blooming;... Read more »

Do you want to learn who Mia Mathis is?

When I first published my book Fun4babies, I was interviewed by Northwest Herald Newspaper. It was such an exciting honor to reflect on my writing. When the post came up in my Facebook newsfeed, I decided that I would love to learn what others feel about their careers, hobbies or passions. My first interview is with... Read more »

What are you grateful for today?

Today as I post my last day of gratitude, I am thankful for a month of gratitude. I know that sounds redundant but focusing on the good each day has helped me become more aware of all that I have in my life to be thankful for. I have read before that a parent or teacher... Read more »