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Share your stories with laughter

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 2 Countdown Sometimes the details of life like working, cleaning and paying bills get in the way and dominate all of my time. I know that I need to put my responsibilities aside and have a little fun sometimes. Busyness can take the joy out of my day... Read more »

Why do I make happiness so complicated?

As a fun writing challenge each month, we are given one hour to write about a topic our Community Manager divulges at nine pm on the last Wednesday of each month. For tonights’s blogapalooz, we were given a list of previous topics to choose from earlier in the day, but since I love this challenge,... Read more »

Prayers and Love

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 2 Countdown Yesterday at work we celebrated my birthday a couple of days early. As we ate lunch together, we took time to talk about our weekends and catch up on each other’s lives. Then later that night, I went to my bible study group that I have... Read more »

Grateful for my family and for memories of days gone by

When my children were young, our family was together a few times a month. Now that our children are getting older and all of our lives are busy, we have other commitments that keep us all from being together as much as I would like. I can get lost in a day though looking through old photo albums,... Read more »

I am grateful for this messy, complicated and beautiful life

I attended the funeral for the father of a friend of mine this weekend as well as found out that someone I knew years ago, his wife had died. I struggle with the challenges that I am facing yet when I hear about people dying, my troubles seem so small and unimportant. I know that... Read more »

Today I am grateful to just relax

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 5 Countdown It has been a couple of busy and stressful days at work and in my personal life. Often I use different ways to relax and to escape from the realities of daily life. I love to get lost reading books, listening to music and in watching... Read more »

I am inspired by...these people

I have worked for Bright Horizons Family Solution since 2001 with thirteen of the years as an infant teacher. I have always said that it is a great day when you can play at work, but the teachers at Deer Park also work hard at work. Last night we had our yearly “work night” to... Read more »

Tomorrow looks better after a good night's sleep

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 7 Countdown Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” If you read any health magazine, they all declare that we need 8-9 hours of sleep a night for your health. Psychology magazines claim that getting enough sleep is necessary to keep our cognitive abilities sharp.... Read more »

Who likes to spend time in the ER?

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 8 Countdown One of my daughters went to the emergency room yesterday. Through the years, we have had more than our share of ER visits. The waiting room was packed and our nurse said she works a twelve-hour shift. We were in our own little bubble yet there... Read more »

What three things did my parents teach me?

My parents were married young, and even had my brother and I before they were nineteen and twenty-one. My sister came six years later. It was a good thing that they started their life together that young because my father died at fifty-five of brain cancer. By then though they had been married thirty-seven years, had... Read more »