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This is when I feel grateful

I stayed overnight at my daughter’s apartment this weekend to help her pack and move. It is a quaint old apartment in the heart of Lincoln Square. As I tried to fall asleep around eleven, I could still hear people outside talking and laughing. I can usually sleep through anything, but maybe I am not... Read more »

Movies, television shows and books

Movies, television shows, books… which fictional character would I want to spend time with and what would we do together? That is this month’s challenge to write about from our ChicagoNow’s Community Manager. I absolutely love getting lost in a good story, but I am not sure that I can think of just one character... Read more »

Thoughts on patience and change

I am a pretty patient person in my day-to-day living. It takes a lot to get me mad in traffic and with other people, most of the time. I say most of the time because the exception to my patience is when I am under extreme stress and pressure. Then I am not so calm... Read more »

1 thing you should do each day

As many of you know from reading my blog, I am going through a rough season in my life. I moved in with my mother to try and make some changes in my financial situation, but I am still in credit card debt. My kids struggle with money, and I wish that I could help... Read more »

To Drink or To Not Drink

My daughters love to tease me about the time that I said, “There is a time and place to get drunk.” To put it into context, I was saying that I did not understand why people drink at a first birthday party. There just seems like times that alcohol shouldn’t be part of the equation, like... Read more »

3 things that matter today

There are so many organizations and people working to make this a better world to live in, helping others and making a difference.  If I want the world to change, I know that I cannot just pass the buck and hope that others do it. What changes can I be part of to help humanity improve and grow?
There are 3 things that are on my mind and matter today…