Say Yes

Yes is the answer when your daughter asks you to join her in a walking challenge. I have wanted to start walking or really begin any kind of exercising for a while, but kept forgetting or finding excuses not to walk. It’s too cold; it is raining out; I am tired; it is too dark. I could always find a reason not to walk.

img_1217Today though, my daughter asked who wanted to walk thirty minutes each day for thirty days with her, so no more excuses. I just started, but boy am I tired. Ironically a few short years ago, I ran two half marathons and was training for a marathon, and now I am exhausted and might even be sore tonight from a brisk 30 minute stroll. There’s the good in it though. I desperately need to get moving if I am tired from that.

All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good. I try to find the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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