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Instead of being defeated, I persevere.

Confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. It would be easy to say that I have always had confidence in myself, but the truth is that my confidence has grown as I have gotten older. I was raised in a generation that put limitations on women... Read more »

What Do You Teach an Infant?

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As an early childhood education teacher, I was always looking for new and different activities that I could put into my lesson plans to teach the children in my class. I wrote down what areas of learning the activity focused on as well as what materials I would need. This evolved into a binder of... Read more »

Is life really about living for two days a week out of seven?

I love the weekends just like everyone else, but is life really about living for two days a week out of seven? How can we not just endure the rest of the week whether you work full time or part time, are still in school, retired, a stay at home parent or unemployed by choice... Read more »

Say Yes

Yes is the answer when your daughter asks you to join her in a walking challenge. I have wanted to start walking or really begin any kind of exercising for a while, but kept forgetting or finding excuses not to walk. It’s too cold; it is raining out; I am tired; it is too dark. I could... Read more »