Is life really about living for two days a week out of seven?

I love the weekends just like everyone else, but is life really about living for two days a week out of seven? How can we not just endure the rest of the week whether you work full time or part time, are still in school, retired, a stay at home parent or unemployed by choice or situation? People, including me, search ways to make us happy. If I could just get that job; if I could just have a baby; if I could just publish that book; if I could have more money; if I could live there or buy this or that or go here or go there, but is that where our happiness truly lies?

I recently read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh that started, “We spend a lot of time looking for happiness when the world right around us is full of wonder. To be alive and walk on the Earth is a miracle, and yet most of us are running as if there were some better place to get to.” Can I believe that just existing and being alive in this world is enough? Can just the state of life bring me joy? When I awake each morning I can remind myself that today is another day, and just say I am here. I exist and that is enough. I can still work for the things that I want to have in my life, but those items no longer define me.

My sister, Amy, when she was little!

My sister, Amy, when she was little!

Instead of looking for a meaning to my life, can just living be the purpose of my life? Everything else that comes my way can be the icing on the cake, the cake of my life. The miracle of life is simply that life is a miracle. Can I see everyday of my life as the very joy that is also my path to happiness and joy? I am trying…

All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good. I try to find the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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