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Everything I Own in a Box

A year ago, I was working two jobs in order to pay my bills and was just barely able to make my ends meet. I don’t live an extravagant life, but it was difficult to provide a home for my three college age daughters once the child support ended. That could be another article on... Read more »

Back in bed

I have a million things that I could and should be doing, but instead I just climbed back into bed. Sometimes I just want to turn off the world and curl up with a book to read or just lie there with my own thoughts. I remember as a child having breaks or vacations with no... Read more »

What, Why, How, Where and Who

What, why, how, where and who are the big questions to ponder in many areas of life, but today I use these words to think about procrastination as challenged by our ChicagoNow manager, Jimmy. In addition to these questions, I first ask, “Do I procrastinate? Do I put off doing things that I must do?” I... Read more »

Will the waves take her under?

Riding Waves is a story of hope; a glimpse at how life can bring people down, but how we all can chose to be strong. I wrote this book from a very deep and personal place, and want other to know that we can overcome the darkness that sometimes enters our lives. Like musicians who stream their music... Read more »

Can you learn from an animated character?

As I sit here watching an animated movie tonight, I am thinking about Disney heroines. Although there have always been women in animated movies, when did they break out of the stereotypical “Please save me Mr. Prince” mold? Are these new characters good role models for our children? I remember loving the character of Mulan... Read more »

Be careful what you ask for

Last week, I received some feedback for how I answered a request a person had made, and it stung. Not just a little, but a lot. I wanted to defend myself in the moment, but I had asked for it. I actually tell people that I want and really desire honest feedback so that I... Read more »

Did you hear what today is?

Do you know what today is? I must admit that before this week, I did not know about International Women’s Day. After the company I work for sent out a memo explaining that we should celebrate the achievement of women around the world and across all areas of professional development, I did a little research... Read more »

Story of life

See the truth
I live a life of quotes and pictures.

I have social media illusion disease

It must be true since it happened again today. I was at a meeting for work and was introduced to someone and wondered, “Do I know her?” She looked familiar so I decided that I must have met her at a work event and just could not place where. As the day wore on, I... Read more »