Did you hear what today is?

Do you know what today is? I must admit that before this week, I did not know about International Women’s Day. After the company I work for sent out a memo explaining that we should celebrate the achievement of women around the world and across all areas of professional development, I did a little research to educate myself on the day.



To recognize today, I created laminated hearts to tape on anyone at work who is or who supports strong women. Since I work in the Early Childhood field, many of the teachers also made cards and signs recognizing the women in these children’s lives. What a great way to talk about the children’s mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other women in their lives. Don’t worry International Men’s day is coming in November too, but today I thank the men who are proud of and support strong women.

What is a strong woman, and what exactly should we celebrate? We can celebrate the achievements of women with the #BeBoldForChange, but I want to honor even more. I am the mother of three daughters, and I have tried to instill in them a sense of pride in working hard, accomplishing their goals and being capable, but I also envision more than that. I expect them to be kind and honest, as well as loving and authentic. To me all of that is what I celebrate today!
screen-shot-2017-03-08-at-4-48-36-pmAll through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good. I try to find the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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