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Daddy's little girl

Each month we, the ChicagoNow bloggers, are challenged by our community manager to publish a post in one hour. Tonight’s topic was to write about the first time we felt like a grown-up. As I pondered this question, I immediately disregarded the first answer that popped into my head. I told myself that I was... Read more »

With hope

Dear President Trump, It is with great hope that I welcome you to the White House and to the presidency. Although we don’t agree in many respects, one area that I am sure that we can agree on is that we love the United States of America. We both want a strong and prosperous nation... Read more »

Where's the good today?

Last week, I wrote about counting my blessings. This week I am full of frustration and sadness. The world is not how I would like it to be; my life is not how I like it to be, and I am not even the person I want to be. Is there any hope for looking... Read more »

Was 2016 really that bad?

So many people are posting on social media about how terrible the year 2016 has been. I agree that there has been too much violence, too many deaths and a presidential race that has divided our country, but I will not let that define my year. When I read about a family that shares their... Read more »