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All those things that you've always wanted to do

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Go do them.” I received a plaque with this saying on it as a gift this year. I put it on my dresser, so that I can look at it each and every day and be reminded of the dreams that I had long ago.... Read more »

Is it too late to watch a Christmas movie?

Is it a wonderful life? Is it love actually? I have not watched any of my favorite or any classic holiday movies yet this Christmas season, except for some Hallmark ones on television. We had a White Christmas in Chicago, but I never sat and watched this movie. I am not sure why I haven’t watched... Read more »

Tomorrow is Ashes

“Yesterday was wood; tomorrow is ashes. Only today does the fire burn brightly.”                 -Eskimo Proverb Often people speak only about the downside to aging. I do see that I have more wrinkles and gray hairs; it is more difficult to lose weight, and I feel more aches and pains, but what about the upside? Are there... Read more »

Seasons In the Sun

For a class that I am taking, I took a poll at work on what everyone’s favorite season is. Is it Spring? Or could it be summer? Then there is fall or autumn? And lastly, is it winter, which is the season we are heading into here in Chicago? Spring begins with the snow melting... Read more »

Let the season begin with music

We all have our own favorite holiday songs to begin the season of celebration. There are new songs; there are old songs; there are remakes of old songs, and a bunch of simply silly holiday songs. Does anyone remember Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer? There are radio stations that only play Christmas music... Read more »

Start your day, looking for the good

We have two choices each day. We can look for the good, or we can focus on the bad. Due to some current situations, I am simply in a bad mood. Even with the holidays coming, I have a bah-humbug attitude. Can I change it or is it just how I am feeling so I... Read more »

Wish I had a list of books that I have read

I love the written word for many reasons, and cannot imagine a life without the feel of a book in my hands or deprived of the character’s words replaying in my head. As difficult as it was to do, I chose three of my favorite books in order to understand why I like to read... Read more »

I do forget...

Tonight, I was learning about the three different types of memory storage processes that we each have. As we discussed how difficult it is to retain our short term memories as we get older, I thought about how I have always had trouble with my long term memory. Any issues with short term memory,  I can... Read more »