Don’t vote blindly, but also don’t give up your right

The election year is always a time for drama. Politics naturally bring out the worst in people trying to discredit and demean each other. Family members and friends criticize each other, and some are afraid to even state their opinion for fear of being attacked. In thinking about this post, I did a little research and found that this is not new to our world. Even back in the days before real time news, mudslinging and name-calling was around. This election is no different.

Ready to vote

Ready to vote

Because the candidates are so negative, I too want to avoid it all and turn off the news. There is constant coverage and discussions. Articles are written; people are tweeting; and even Saturday night live did a parody of it on their season premiere. There is much to learn though if you just open your eyes and ears. I ignore the nastiness and try to understand what the candidates represent and where they want to lead our country.

So many people I know are telling me that since they don’t like either candidate, they are not voting. I am shocked that people would make that decision. History and politics were never my favorite classes in school, but making no decision is still making a decision. Unlike many other people in the world, we live in a democracy. It is our right and our privilege to vote.

Although I do know who I am voting for, that is not the point of my words. I am not trying to persuade you who to vote for, but I do want to encourage you to educate yourself and to vote. My daughter, Morgan, recently reflected, “The election is messy, and there is a lot of fighting, but we have the right to vote, and we have freedom that people fought so hard for.” Her words ring true when I hear the latest tweets and negativity between the candidates.

Don’t vote blindly, but also don’t give up your right. It is good that we are able to vote!

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