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Music heals and connects

There are some songs that just stand the test of time, and “American Pie” is one of them. It was released in 1971 when I was around seven years old. Many of you may remember the old 8 track players that came out in the sixties? Well I had a portable one that I can vividly... Read more »

Why I write and write and write

The question was posed “What’s the favorite thing you’ve ever written and explain why you feel this way.” There has never been a time that I was not writing. I started out as a young girl creating short stories as well as lengthy diary entries describing my day and my thoughts about the world around me.... Read more »

Is it good to walk in the rain?

After nine hours in the car driving to Buffalo, New York, we spent the next two days in the rain. We drove in the rain; we walked in the rain; we went to lunch and to dinner in the rain. We even visited Niagara Falls in the rain. It just would not stop raining no... Read more »

Is it good to be irresponsible sometimes?

I have always had a desire to take off, to see the world and to be irresponsible. In my twenties, I toyed with the idea of taking off for California. I wanted to drive the Pacific Highway and be free. Free from bills and responsibilities and free from adult life after college and from the pain... Read more »

I am not alone in this world

Is it good to believe in God? I have had so many conversations lately with people who are strong in their faith and in their belief in God, yet I have also encountered many others who do not believe that there is one great creator of the world. I am one of the first group... Read more »

When life is going well, do I welcome change?

Do I welcome change in my life? Of course, I want joy and happiness to continue, but how about pain and sadness? Is it good that everything changes? If I am lucky, change brings even more blessings and happiness, but as I know all too well, change usually brings challenges. Illness in myself, or someone I... Read more »

Every child, every classroom, every day!

Is it good to be a teacher of young children? Just today, we conducted a Professional Development Day for our region in Bright Horizons. There were approximately 130 teachers and leaders in attendance as we learned new information and brainstormed with each other. In the afternoon, we also implemented a Brightening Lives Activity to benefit our... Read more »

Don’t vote blindly, but also don’t give up your right

The election year is always a time for drama. Politics naturally bring out the worst in people trying to discredit and demean each other. Family members and friends criticize each other, and some are afraid to even state their opinion for fear of being attacked. In thinking about this post, I did a little research... Read more »

Fears are opportunities to be courageous

Is it good to have fears? Are you courageous in facing those fears? Everyone would agree that a person is courageous if they cliff dive or are a racecar driver or a navy seal, but what else shows courage? How about opening a business that you are not sure will succeed? What about talking to... Read more »