Is it good to hate?

We live in a world where hate is evident.

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe that it is good to openly hate, but it is not good to deny when you feel the emotion of hate. It is how hate is used that is wrong, not the feeling of it.

This reaction of hate, if I am willing to challenge it, can help me grow as a person. By allowing myself to acknowledge what I am feeling, it can lead to an invitation to understand; to see what the underlying feeling behind this strong emotion of hate really is.

There was once a time in my life that I was very unhappy. Instead of allowing myself to feel the truth of my life, I denied and suppressed those feelings, which ultimately lead to a numbness surrounding my whole life. Since I did not let myself feel the unhappiness and hate, I was not able to feel the joy and love either. Once I explored my emotions, I could change what needed to change.

Often I will hate something because of things in my past. When time after time, I am called to situations and people that cause that feeling to arise, I can deny it or I can ask myself, ”What do I need to heal?” Perhaps I hate when people tell me what to do because when I was younger, I felt that I had no control over things. If I explore that, maybe I can stop the severe reaction when others even simply try to advise me.

Once I understand what I feel, I can change something or heal something, but maybe I can also help someone. My hatred towards a person or situation could be just the catalyst that I need to cause me to take action. I have raised money for a cause and even intervened when I saw someone mistreated. I know that I can do even more to help others.


Hate is a simple word with so much power. Once I confront it in myself, I can take back its power to use for good.

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