Bulls Should Use Bogans' Range to Punish Wade for Over-Aggressive Defense

Bulls Should Use Bogans' Range to Punish Wade for Over-Aggressive Defense

In 31:53 of combined play in Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat, Keith Bogans has taken seven 3-point attempts. He’s only hit two, but Dwyane Wade‘s over-aggressive attempts at blocks and steals, as noted well by Kevin Arnovitz (Heat Index). This play leaves Bogans with good looks and the Bulls should use Bogans’ range to punish Wade.

Bogans has been a scapegoat for Bulls fans and there are numbers that support their eyes. In the 2010-11 season, Bogans’ adjusted plus-minus, according to BasketballValue.com, was a minus-4.67. That said, the Bulls were a plus-5.7 against their opponents per 100 possessions with Bogans on the floor, he’s an exponentially better defender than Kyle Korver to man-up on Wade, and hits a very high percentage of 3s.
bogans 3s splits playoffs.png

Bogans shooting splits

In the regular season, Bogans shot a .380 3P% — .421 after Jan. 1 — in the regular season and that trend’s continued through the playoffs, as he’s shooting a .457 3P% (21-for-46) in the postseason.
Bogans doesn’t need a specific spot to hit those 3s either, he can float the 3-point range with the passing lanes created by the opponents’ defensive rotating with the ball. He shot well on 3s from the corner (44-for-121, .364) but better from the wings (46-for-116, .397) with more defenders available to close-out this season. In the postseason, his corner-3 rate is the same (9-for-25), but above the break, it’s sky-rocketed (12-for-21, .571) over the small sample (StatsCube).
Bogans’ career 3-point rate is only .357, but he’s reported worked with assistant coach Ron Adams on his shot all season and it’s showed. With Wade’s approach to attacking the ball so aggressively at the risk of leaving Bogans, the answer isn’t to punish that with Bogans’ range.

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  • Bogans seemed to rush his attempts in game 2 do to the hard close out from Wade/Jones when he was in the corner. I would love to see him use a simple pump fake and get his defender in the air to draw a foul or open up options for quick ball movement to an open shooter.

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