Brandon Roy Plans to Play at 'High Level' Again, But Not '100%'; Maybe Not 'All-Star Level'

Brandon Roy Plans to Play at 'High Level' Again, But Not '100%'; Maybe Not 'All-Star Level'

I expressed my basketball-sadness when it was clear that Brandon Roy’s season was over and the reality of how badly his knee was damaged.

Roy recently had arthroscopic surgery to repair a knee so devoid of meniscus that he was operating bone-on-bone. In an interview on 95.5 The Game in Portland, he said that he’ll never be the player he was, meaning the extremely high potential equated with his talent and work ethic will never come to fruition.

From the great

What kind of prognosis the doctors have given him:

“Well I don’t think medically I will ever be able to get back to 100%.  The doctors do feel confident that I can get back to a high level of basketball.  I don’t want to say to an all-star level because coaches boast those things every year and different guys deserve them but they do feel like I can get to that level where I can continue to help this team and produce at a high level.  Now we are just trying to figure some things out to try to calm the knees down.  They feel good now and the biggest thing now is going to be once I start playing basketball day-in and day-out how they feel, but I am confident that I can get back to a high level but the biggest thing is that I don’t get a ahead of myself right now and continue to take it slow and really listen to the doctors.  I think in the past there was times I maybe had stepped on their toes a little bit and try to rush back but this time I am trying to be patient and really listen to them.”

It makes me wonder: how close is he to this generation’s Grant Hill? A
great guy with a ton of talent for whom a vast majority of the NBA
fan-dom rooted with crushed wheels before reaching an expected Hall of
Fame level of production.

Meanwhile, cheers to the Portland Trail Blazers (25-21) and their coach,
Nate McMillan. Roy’s been out since Dec. 17 and they maintain the
eighth seed in the Western Conference playoff race, despite two of the
three players — Greg Oden, also out for the year, with a career in
question — around which their franchise has been well-crafted being
absent. They’re 13-7 since Roy had to hang up the sneakers and won their
first five games of 2011 before a weird loss to the Kings at home.

Last week, Marcus Camby went down and had arthroscopic knee surgery as well and it doesn’t look good. I just hope, they’re not trapped in the NBA Hell of something like the 12th draft pick in 2011. If they’re going down, I’d rather just see them crash, burn, and get another talent in, so Roy can have time to re-invent himself and contribute to a winning team. Oden will likely be back, too, and it’d be nice to him settle into a 5th-6th man role as a defensive guru.

No secret that I’m rooting for this franchise in the long run to be contenders again. A lot of players I’ve loved over the last 20 years have gone through there and the fans are amazing in Rip City.

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