Catch n' Shoot: November 15, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 15, 2010
  • The Suns (5-4) hit 22 threes of an astonishing 40 attempts to beat the Lakers (8-2) on the road, 121-116. Jason Richardson led Phoenix with 35, 7-for-10 from long range, and Steve Nash had a 21-13 double-double. The struggling and tired Hedu Turkoglu hit 5-of-7 threes for 17 pts, Channing Frye went 4-for-7 from long range to score 20 off the bench. What’s amazing is that Phoenix only won by five, if you ask me.

    In their second straight loss after winning their first eight, the Lakers turned the ball over 18 times to the Suns’ 12, eight turnovers by Kobe, who had a 25-14 double-double, including a pass to himself for better positioning without traveling. The Suns shot better (51% to 49%) from the field and still got out-rebounded, 49-32, led by Paul Gasol (28-17) and Lamar Odom (22-11) also getting double-doubles. (Box Score) The Bulls have had turnover issues, but they have shown they can run in a 97-possession game like this. The Bulls play in Phoenix in the second week of the circus trip.

    Matt Barnes discussed the game pretty well, but addressed questions about the new “respect for the game” rules in a very direct manner that stayed within league policy.

  • Brandon Roy is “questionable” for Tuesday’s game in Memphis, according to the Blazers GM.
  • Jason Thompson is on the Kings’ trading block.
    They shopped him to the Hawks for backup PG Jeff Teague and the deal
    was refused by Atlanta. This says a couple of things to basketball fans:
    (1) Despite being a “diva” and reportedly being fined for clashing with the coaching staff,
    the Kings’ front office wants DeMarcus Cousins in a three-man
    frontcourt rotation with Carl Landry and Samuel Dalembert, and (2) A
    backup PG, is extremely difficult to find, these days, though the NBA’s
    top ten PG’s are probably the best top ten in the league’s history.

    Think about it. Thompson more than competent,
    but the Kings are in need of a backup and the Hawks value Teague over a
    replacement so high that they won’t take Thompson to upgrade their
    frontcourt rotation. Add in the Darkopuppies holding tryouts as the
    position, the Bulls searching high and wide for a #3 PG without even a
    serviceable #2. Chauncey Billups is now a please-foul-me dribble
    penetrating three-point shooter, Andre Miller’s been a bit softer, and
    Carlos Arroyo is starting in Miami, but no reasonable person can say
    their jobs are in jeopardy to a replacement.

  • Matt Bonner hit all seven of his three-point attempts to give the
    Spurs (8-1) a boost to beat the Thunder (5-4) on the road, 117,104, with
    Tim Duncan continuing to be limited in his minutes and San Antonio
    shooting only 41% from the floor. Kevin Durant scored 23, only getting
    to the line for two FT attempts, as OKC got out-rebounded, 45-36. The
    Spurs’ missed were negated not only by Bonner’s threes, but moreso with
    13 offensive rebounds to OKC only grabbing 31 off the defensive glass.
    The Spurs went 34-for-38 from the FT line, getting more from their
    aggressiveness, on top of Tony Parker’s 24 pts (4-for-7 at the rim,
    6-for-6 from the FT line) and Manu Ginobili 21 pts on only 4-for-14
    shooting because he hit all 11 of his FT attempts. (Box Score)

    The Spurs are 8-1 for the first time in franchise history, but still behind the Hornets’ perfect early record (h/t: TrueHoop).
    Yet, OKC is “5-4. Winning over 55 percent of its games so far. On pace
    for 46 wins, a year after winning 50 and making no major upgrade,” the
    unsurprised, as I am, Kelly Dwyer wrote. I said this was a 45-50-win team, while Bill Simmons’ dumb-ass actually called 62 wins for this two-man traveling circus. LOL!

  • Kevin Martin’s 28 pts and Luis Scola’s 24 continue to be dangerous
    scorers, leading the Rockets (3-6) to beat the Knicks (3-7) in NY,
    104-96. The Knicks just looked awful on both ends of the floor. They
    only went 3-for-16 from three-point range, and though they forced 17
    turnovers to create easy buckets that made the game feel closer than it
    was, got out-rebounded 47-42 and Houston scored at will down low (17-for-23 at the rim).

    Timofey Mozgov was a big nothing and Anthony Randolph only played 11
    minutes. It may be about time to force Randolph into a small, fast
    starting lineup. Amar’e showed up with 25 pts and 8 rbs, but they can’t
    effectively depend on their backcourt to grab long rebounds and concede
    the paint. (Box Score) The problem is that they’re doing that now. Might as well put the most athletic lineup out there.

  • Even if there’s a lockout, Luis Scola says he’ll play the 2011 summer FIBA Americas tournament.
    “Scola says playing international tournaments is a great way to stay in

    shape, so he sees ‘no reason’ not to and would get insurance and play —
    risk many players might not take if the NBA is closed for business by a
    work stoppage.” Basketball players are the only athletes who say that
    playing in their off-season is a positive, not a negative, as often.
    Having seen what basketball players’ feet look like as young ages, this
    always surprises me to hear and read. The tournament will be hosted by
    his native Argentina.

  • Leave it to the Darkopuppies (3-8) to end the Hawks’ (7-4) four-game
    losing streak, losing 111-105. Credit the Pups with being mroe
    efficient than usual in a 98-possession game, shooting a little under
    48%. Kevin Love had a 22-17 double-double, continuing to be a rebounding
    machine, and Michael Beasley scored 25 on 10-for-16 shooting. Al
    Horford (28-10) and Josh Smith (23-10) led the ATL with their
    double-doubles and highly efficient shooting from the floor and at the
    FT line (combined 19-for-34 FGs, 12-for-12 FTs). The $20m men didn’t
    have pretty lines. Joe Johnson scored 17 on 5-for-12 shooting and Manna
    From Heaven found a way to actually lower his abysmal 30% FG% shooting
    only 1-for-7 from the floor in 20 minutes. (Box Score)
  • Kobe Bryant is taking an early vocal role against the owners in the coming NBA labor dispute, saying, “I’m going to fight for our players.” The president and vice president of the NBAPA are also Lakers — Derek Fisher and Theo Ratliff. Good for him, I say.
  • Pisspots (4-6) beat the Queens (3-6), 100-94, in an 88-possession game. I almost fell asleep just typing that. (Box Score)
  • LOL College Jeopardy

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