Catch n' Shoot: November 14, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 14, 2010
  • Kevin Love led the Darkopuppies (3-7) to a to a victory against the Knicks (3-6), 112-103, in a big way with a 30-30 double-double, Friday. It’s the first 30-rebound performance since Charles Barkley in 1996 and the first 30-30 since Moses Malone in 1982. Best part: the game was in Minnesota, but not on TV in Minnesota. Love’s legit. I said in my preview of the Puppies that he can be an 18-12 guy, consistently. Early this season, he’s averaging 18 PPG and 14.6 RPG in less than 30 MPG of playing time.
kevin love 3030.jpg

  • The Hornets (8-0) blew out the Blazers (6-5), 107-87, continuing the dominant defensive play which has kept them undefeated. From the AP report: “The Hornets have held all of their opponents this season under 100 points.
    This was the third straight time New Orleans allowed fewer than 90 points.”

    Seven Hornets, including Peja Stojakovic, scored in double figures, led Marco Belinelli and David West’s 18 each, Emeka Okafor’s 14-10 double-double, and of course CP3’s 11-13 double-double with five steals. Scoring 107 in a 90-possession game with a shut-down defense is a strong statement to themselves and the league, IMO. CP3 is tied with Pau Gasol for second in total Win Shares with 1.9, behind Paul Millsap’s two. Early on, he’s way at the top of WS/48 minutes with 0.339.

  • The Heat (6-4) beat the Raptors, 109-100, Saturday, behind D-Wade’s 31 and LeBron’s 23-11 double-double. Udonis Haslem played more minutes than Chris Bosh due to foul trouble — 37-22 — and had a 10-10 double-double of his own. (Box Score) For all of the hype due to the Heat’s struggles against the unbeaten Hornets, the defending conference champion Celtics, and a Jazz team executing almost perfect second half basketball, 6-4 has them only half a game behind the pace of the Magic (6-3) in their division, tied with the Hawks, who’ve lost four straight. That said, they’re only playing well against bad teams, but at least they’re only losing to good teams.
  • The Spurs (7-1) won their sixth straight against the 76ers (2-8), 116-93, led Tony Parker’s 24pts and DeJuan Blair’s 13-12 double-double. The 76ers only shot 41% from the floor and were out-rebounded 47-38. Andre Iguodala was held to 10pts in only 19 minutes of PT. (Box Score)

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