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Representation in the Media

Anyone else feel like Diabetes isn’t represented correctly in the mainstream media? I’ve had this discussion with a list serve of diabetics I’m a part of nation wide, and we’ve felt that there is always a weird skew on articles or portrayals of diabetics.  Here’s a story on a cyclist from the LA Times. The story... Read more »

The reason I carry a purse

The reason I carry a purse
I’m jealous of the girls that don’t need purses. They stick everything in pockets and walk around hands free and without an aching shoulder. I, however, am stuck carring a purse. All the time. With very, very few exceptions. In my purse you will find a glucose monitor, large or small (depending on the size... Read more »

My name is Christina and I'm a cyborg

Well, at least that’s what the definition says. I became a cyborg in December after deciding that it was the best way to get my numbers configured. As a person with diabetes (Not diabetic; I refuse to let it label me) I’m managed by numbers. I mean, everyone else is too, but in this case,... Read more »