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Always plugged in #FirstWorldProblems

Always plugged in #FirstWorldProblems
So I have a hard time sleeping. For those of you who have followed my blog before, or even read a few, you’ll know that I have had a continuous glucose monitoring sensor (CGMS) for a few months now. It looks like a little shell and is taped to my side, usually away from my... Read more »

Slim pickings: A better life or better disease

I watched the MTV True Life episode. Within the diabetes community, everyone was talking about it. There were a lot of mixed reviews, too. Some said they used scare tactics. Others claimed that diabetes was shown as being so depressing and not at all like the reality. Me? Well, I have a lot of thoughts... Read more »

I let NUMBERS control my life.

I let NUMBERS control my life.
Wake up and go to the bathroom. Step on the scale. Go to the kitchen to check blood sugar. Make sure pump is working right and take insulin if needed. Look at clock. Jump into shower. Look at clock again. Get dressed. Go to car. Turn on the radio. Drive to work. Look at clock.... Read more »

I wonder, wonder, wonder...

As a person with diabetes, there are times when I think, I wonder what it would be like to not take insulin. At all. What would it be like to completely stop taking shots, to have my body work properly, to be “normal”? Oh, that dreaded word! But I wonder about how much insulin my body needs... Read more »


Now, it’s not good to perform experiments on yourself unless you adamantly watch what you’re doing. For serious. Like in high school chemistry; would you leave a chemically altering experiment unattended? So, I took on this idea of dieting to a different situation, a different level, if you will. For us diabetics, dieting is hard, exercising is harder.... Read more »

Social Media Support 24/7

My eyes open wide. I lay in bed and wonder why I just woke up. Disoriented, I look out the window to try and figure out what time of the night or morning it is. The sky is gray and I realize that I have to get up. As soon as I sit up, bullets... Read more »

Just because you can't see it...

Some call it a battle. Other say it’s a war. I don’t know what to call it, but all I really know is that I never wanted to feel limited by this thing they all call “honeyed urine” or diabetes. When I was in college, my cousin, who was diagnosed six months before I was... Read more »

Cotton Candy Stash

You would think I’d learn my lesson. Never take insulin before bed unelss I eat something. But no. I don’t. And every time I do, this happens. Sometimes before I go to bed, my blood sugar is high. Last night it was 249 and I thought about it for a second before unclipping my purple... Read more »