The Physically Active Lifestyle

I’m so busy, it’s ridiculous. To say that I don’t have an active lifestyle would be a lie to the world. Every time I tell myself I’m going to write for myself, it takes me weeks to do it. I’m finally writing something for ME!

I only say this because I write for almost daily, putting up information about health for Latinos. Know anyone interested? Tell them to check it out. I’ve also been doing business writing and meeting recently, so my time has been wrapped up in doing countless other things to write about except for my own life with diabetes.

The terror.

I’m watching the NCAA Championship right now as I write this. I’ve had a luxurious and filling meal with cheesecake. I’m now writing out my daily life because, well, I don’t normally do that anymore and I feel cathartic. OK. Let’s get to something interesting.

#WhereThePumpAreYou could not have been more successful. I thank everyone who has been participating thus far. Those of you on Twitter and Instagram have been remarkable and I have found some pretty interesting people to follow thanks to the hashtag and everyone who tweeted and retweeted it all out there.

I am excited to announce that the Chicago Reader requested a memoir piece from me for their food edition this week. So if you live in Chicago, be sure to take a look and let me know what you think about it. It has to do with eating and having diabetes. Kind of cool.

I have also kept up with my duties with my online Spanish radio show. We’re building an audience and it’s really fun to talk about these interesting topics for a community that absolutely needs it.

I’m thinking about joining a running group here in Pilsen to get myself motivated and challenged. I have been running but simply at a steady pace and the same trail and amount every time I do. I don’t have a problem with it but when I see that people who have been running for a few months have surpassed my mileage (like it’s a lot) I am suddenly threatened and my competitive spirit comes out to haunt. Although I don’t want to do particular things in my life, I do them because I’m competitive. Believe it or not, it’s true.

I’m always one to challenge myself, to push my limits, whether it’s writing every day and writing well, or doing some sort of physical activity that makes my insulin pump go nuts and start beeping and yelling at me because my blood sugar is too low.

I’m also considering Yoga on the weekends and getting involved in some kind of team sport. I want to push myself this summer. It’s a great tension release and fantastic way to get myself in shape and keep the blood sugar low. Oh yeah, that important thing.


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    All sorts of great things going for you!

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