The beeping, I can't take the beeping

I get in my car. First of all, I can’t stand the snow. Yeah, it’s pretty and all that stuff, but I can’t take the snow. It’s dirty and wet. It make my car slide all over the place; causes wet floors and me (with no balance) almost killing myself, or better yet, bruising something really bad.


I don’t know if this affects anyone else, or even if all of the Dexcom users out there have this problem. But, my CGMS beeps every time it reads a my blood glucose over 250 and below 70. I understand it’s necessary, but sometimes my glucose will be coming down and if it’s still over 250 it beeps. For example, I worked out with a high BG this morning. Not too high, because you know how that is, but with the work out and the push of adrenaline, it went up to 277. Great. I get in the shower, put it back on and since it’s coming down but still over 250, it beeps again.

But nothing beat the chaos of getting into the car. My phone was going off because I was receiving text messages from a friend of mine, while walking to the car with my purse, phone in hand and carrying my trusty water bottle, both my phone and pump go off because, why? My BG was down to 255. Now, at this point, the thing is crying it’s little beeping eyes out, since I haven’t shown it any attention. As soon as the door slammed
Yes. I do that.shut, I started screaming at it. “WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU WANT?!”

I saw a question on Facebook recently asking if those of us with pumps or CGMSes have names for them. I have a name for my car. Her name is Pepper. Cute isn’t it? Although I don’t have a name for my pump, I yell at it as if it were my child. I ask it question, I scream at it and I even threaten to throw it out the window.

But regardless of it all, it has helped me drastically. Controlling myself, bringing my A1c down and the whole lot of it. I became better controlled and even with the CGMS, I know just where my blood sugar is, most of the time, and I can be on top of my game when it comes to managing my diabetes.

Annoyance or not, at least I have some help playing this game. Makes life just a little bit easier.

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