I'm better because I'm both

I'm better because I'm both

This falls in line with a lot of different things, doesn’t it? The title of the blog, I mean. But in my case, I’m better because I’m a lot of things.

Where is this coming from? Well, Latina Smart asked me if I’d like to be featured on their next Twitter party. Are you serious, I thought to myself. Yup, quite serious. To the point where I’m being hounded for information like my bio, my birthday and my pin number. Ok… just kidding!

But really, it’s an honor to be featured among Latinas for what I do and how I do it. When I watched the Latina Smart manifesto I thought, “Yes, I am better because I’m both a woman and a Latina at that.” But in my case, I feel like I’m also better because of my diabetes.

If anything, diabetes has empowered me to take control of myself, my health and my life. I literally have to make my body work all because it doesn’t produce one measly little hormone. Que pena! Not really. When I hear people say that “it sucks” to have diabetes, there are a few ways I can combat that. Usually, it’s by saying that I know exactly how my body works with whatever it is that I put in my mouth. I understand how all of my organs work together in harmony and it’s not just because I took a biology class or read it online. It’s because of experience. And that, mi amigos, is what I’m sharing here.

By the way, if you see some apostrophes that look like accent marks, it’s because my keyboard is in Spanish for those properly placed, grammatical decorations that our lovely Spanish language carries.

Ni modo, I feel like I talk about my diabetes quite a bit and I should. It’s something that I live with and something that I have experience about. Don’t ask me to explain all the tiny logistics about how things work, but because I know how to explain it in layman’s terms, others can understand just what I’m saying.

I wrote about the concept of health on a larger scale and I feel that it is necessary to reiterate that here especially when we’re talking about mujeres poderosas. Our health, in the end, is all that we have to keep ourselves alive and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually to continue on our paths of being better people. If we let that slide, a lot of other things will slide away as well and we can’t let that happen.

Diabetes is an epidemic that has already affected more than 300 million people world-wide and if we don’t start being more conscious about our lifestyles, it will be on its way to affecting millions more. This is an issue that we cannot stay silent about anymore. And you know what it takes? Simple lifestyle, healthy lifestyle changes.

I was diagnosed at 7 years old with Type 1 diabetes and don’t know anything different. In the end, it has made me a stronger, more aware Latina and because of that, I’m better.

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    As a person with Type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years of her life, Christina or "Kiki" for short, decided to take it upon herself to write about her findings, experiences and struggles with her disease. Her inspiration to educate people about all types of diabetes can be found communicated in this blog.

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