Losing your mind! Or maybe just your CGMS sensor.

Losing your mind! Or maybe just your CGMS sensor.

So I run. I tried running every day but it failed because of exhaustion, heat and keeping myself busy with other things. Yesterday, I figured I’d go for a run as the sun was going down. Mind you, I don’t really run more than two miles every time I get out there, but I do continue my workouts at home.

When I got home from being out and working, I realized that my pump was ready to be changed and running out of insulin. I figured I’d take advantage of the situation, go for a run while it’s off, shower and put it back on. So I went for my mile and a half run and I was feeling good. I did a few push ups in the grass, did a couple sit ups and contemplated life while looking up at the blue sky above.

I had left my CGMS sensor on when I went on the run since it wasn’t time to change it yet. I walked home, put on some music and decided to add to my workout by doing weight training with kettle bells. Since I’m in the comfort of my own home, I usually work out in my sports bra, since that’s what they’re made for anyway. As I took off my extra soaked t-shirt, I did my first kettle bell exercise. As I leaned over, I realized that I didn’t have my sensor on anymore! Holy crap!

I didn’t even feel it fall out, I didn’t hear it either, but the thing is so small that I don’t think I would have heard it. So there I went, out to search for it again. I retraced my steps and I was so lucky that I ran around the track near my apartment.

The fact of the matter is, CGMS sensors and even pump insertion sites are such a pain in the ass especially when you sweat. Sometimes the sticky fails to stick and you’re left with a sensor or insertion site half attached. No fun. In recent days, I’ve had to use new sites because they refused to stick the first time. I usually clean the area with alcohol so that the skin is clean and ready for stickage, but not even that works when running or working out. The rubbing of clothes on the sites is annoying.

So walking around the track slowly for a second time, I was thinking, “What if a dog ate my sensor?” Funny, but not so funny at the same time, I rounded the last edge and lo and behold, there it was! With the sticky casing/covering on it and all. Whew!

I was relieved. Because even though it’s annoying as hell and leaves marks, scars and holes on my abdomen (appealing, right?) it helps me keep my blood sugar under control. I don’t have to check myself eight times a day and I’m able to see patterns and statistics for myself. It’s cool to see, nonetheless, and if you’re an¬†analytic¬†nerd like me, you’d like it too.


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  • So glad you found that sensor!! I hate that, losing sensors without even knowing they've come off. Luckily, I rarely lose them and have to go find, as they're often just lounging around under my tucked shirt and fall to the floor when I untuck my shirt. But with the amount it costs for the transmitter, the possibility of losing them (or a dog eating it!) is even more unnerving! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thanks for reading! These are only a few of the things we have to deal with, but it makes us better folks all around! :D

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