Is it just my imagination?

Is it just my imagination?

Can you imagine if there was no more checking of the blood sugar. No more pill popping. No more injections. No more pumps. No more three-month visits to the doctor. No more carb counting. No more blood sugar levels dropping. No more worries about having or having not insurance to save your pocket and your life. Can you imagine life without Type 1 diabetes?

Radical, isn’t it? The concept of being able to live your life “normally” without exasperated worries about how and what to eat, callouses on your fingers and getting supplies delivered on time. How amazing would that be? But how close are we to it?

The Tribune posted a story today about the possibilty of reversing the affects of Type 1 diabetes, claiming that an “inexpensive” tuberculosis vaccine has stopped T-cells from attacking beta, or insulin producing, cells. The vaccine called BCG apparently increases insulin production in the body and at the same time, with this finding, they’ve also proclaimed that diabetic bodies still have the potential to make insulin! All you have to do is stop the T-cells from attacking the beta cells.

WHAT?! This goes against everything I was told, which was, “Once they gone, they gone” in reference to the beta cells. But wait, not only did they see that there were fewer T-cells attacking the beta cells, but they also saw an increase in insulin production. This blew my mind. How could this be?

When I told people from a listserve I’m a part of, one of the older people said, “You don’t know how many cures we’ve heard of in our life time.” But how many were like this? This isn’t a simple elixer that you swish in your mouth 10 times a day. This is the possibility of cell regeneration through control of the attackers.

Like everything else, they’ve only used this treatment on a select few with a limited amount of the vaccine due to FDA regulations. But they want to test more people with a larger amount of the vaccine.  Astounding if you ask me.

While at the same time I was freaking out a little inside, I thought, how long will it take to reach the public sphere? How long will it take to perfect for the rest of us? Will they end up raising the cost? What does this mean for pharmeceutical companies? Insurance companies? Will someone try to stop the rest of us from obtaining this vaccine that might just be the cure to all of our problems?

Only time, more research and more money will tell. Or it might just be another fluke.

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