Representation in the Media

Anyone else feel like Diabetes isn’t represented correctly in the mainstream media? I’ve had this discussion with a list serve of diabetics I’m a part of nation wide, and we’ve felt that there is always a weird skew on articles or portrayals of diabetics.
Here’s a story on a cyclist from the LA Times. The story makes it seem as though surviving diabetes is a miracle for this man, but they don’t make it known that it’s technological advancements or that millions of diabetics can also manage their blood sugar though other methods. It’s great that he’s promoting awareness for T1 diabetes thorugh his sport, but come on, they act as though no one has ever heard of diabetes before.

The article states that he was told that he would be dead by 30, but if you know any diabetics who were diagnosed years ago as a child, they were told the same thing. Because of technological advancements, we are able to live longer and healthier lives.

The first glucose meter was like a brick and the first insulin pump had to be carried in a back pack. We’ve come a long way, especially through the education of doctors. At first, I remember, I limited my diet and I couldn’t eat certain things. I had to count everything in terms of breads, meats, fruits and vegeteabls. Carb counting is recent. At a point, we were beginning to count calories.

When I was a kid, I didn’t decide how much insulin I needed, I was told how much to take and what to eat. But now, I have more control. That’s the whole point of advancement in medicine, is to have control.

So, to make my point, diabetes isn’t a deathly disease (although it can be if you don’t take care of it) and millions of Type 1 diabetics live with it every day. We manage and we do it well. It’s just sad to see that mainstream media doesn’t know that.

Why didn’t they talk more about his initiative and his book instead of focusing on how he’s overcoming and making moolah doing it. Hooray for your acheivements, I just didn’t like the way this article was framed. There are many other examples that fall under this category.

Diabetes is an illness that has been around for thousands of years. People should be more careful, conscience and knowledgeable about it. Awareness is the key. It’s time to make it happen.

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