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Lateness is Rudeness

If you know me, you know I am ALWAYS (Ok, maybe like 94% of the time) EARLY to appointments, meetings, events, dinners, dates, everything. I am extremely “type-A” and get really bad anxiety when I know I will be arriving right at the time I am supposed to meet someone or G-d forbid, after. Considering... Read more »

High Tea

My mom is the EXACT opposite of me. She’s nice, soft spoken, caring, easy-going and giving. That’s not to say that I am mean, loud, rude, hard to please and evil (ok – a few of those adjectives pretty much nail it) but we are extremely different. I am an only child (which explains a... Read more »

IKEA, a SWOT analysis

Strengths This: Cheap furniture/accessories Family bonding time building said furniture Weaknesses Every Saturday & Sunday it looks like this: The parking lot is packed with vans, u-hauls, trucks and other vehicles the drivers don’t own and, in turn, don’t know how to maneuver. Opportunities One site says it all – Ikea Hackers Threats Death from... Read more »

Moving in Thundersleet

A few months back my landlord informed my boyfriend and me that his unit across the street would be available Feb. 1. We wanted to take a look at it since we were slowly but surely growing out of our place. Between my hoarding disorder, my boyfriend’s 6’4 stature and an 8 pound dog who... Read more »

Katie, The Cliffs Notes Edition

My first post on ChicagoNow! WOO, SO excited! Please check out my past posts on Living in Black and White on my now retired WordPress site. I typically write about specific ideas, events, happenings – but for my first post on ChicagoNow, I figured I’d write a little bit about myself. So here goes: I’m... Read more »