About Living in Black and White:
Welcome to Living in Black and White!  The Black and White concept refers to living a life sans BS and telling it like it is. I try to take life as un-seriously as possible and not sweat the small stuff. I got the whole Black and White idea because I have always been obsessed with wearing black and white and started decorating all my apartments in this "color scheme." It hit me one day that this design fetish really transcended my whole personality and maybe my obsession wasn't just because of the aesthetics and more because I strive to live my life in this simple, clear way. Once I figured all of that out I decided to start a blog. To check out old posts on my now retired blog, please visit here. I decided to move on over to ChicagoNow and can't wait started blogging in this community.


About Katie:
I am a twenty-something born and bred Chicagoan who loves to write. By day, I do PR for a large agency here in the city and by night, weekends and whenever I can find some time; I blog about life. I also love yoga, pilates, my two dogs, my crazy family, attempting to cook, beaches, interior design, summer, lists (obviously), seeing concerts (country music) and shopping for bargains. I loath running, slow walkers, elevators, public transit, germs, onions and ignorance. I really hope you enjoy my posts, thanks for stopping by!


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