Lateness is Rudeness

If you know me, you know I am ALWAYS (Ok, maybe like 94% of the time) EARLY to appointments, meetings, events, dinners, dates, everything. I am extremely “type-A” and get really bad anxiety when I know I will be arriving right at the time I am supposed to meet someone or G-d forbid, after. Considering I am always the one waiting for others, you’d think by now I wouldn’t care if I had to make people wait on me, but even though I’ve endured years of sitting alone starring at my watch, I still hate the feeling of others waiting on me.

There are a plethora of obvious reasons why being late is just plain rude, but here are my main issues with it:

1) Time is precious. If we all could be guaranteed that we will live to be 200 years old, I wouldn’t care so much about my time. Unfortunately, we can walk across the street and get mauled by a cab (surprised this hasn’t happened to me yet) so time is sacred. Arriving at dinner plans 20 minutes after the time agreed upon means those 20 minutes were spent by your friend sitting in silence and getting nothing accomplished. This is basically like telling someone you usually care about, “You are so insignificant to me, that I don’t care if you have to sit alone in a public place waiting for me.” RUDE.

2) Reliability. If I can’t rely on you to meet me for a drink after work on time, how can I rely on you to be in my wedding and put together all of those detailed events? How can I rely on you to babysit my future child? Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but always being late tells me you are irresponsible and can’t follow through.

3) Selfishness. I hate to say this because SO MANY PEOPLE are always late and I don’t want to put down 99% of the population, but I wholeheartedly believe that people who are chronically late are extremely selfish. Nine times out of ten, the reasons for being late relate to the person not being ready or needing to finish something. THAT’S SELFISH! I have hair that needs to be dried, I have a dog that needs to be walked, and I can show up on time. Excuses about not having enough time mean, you didn’t properly budget your day to fit me into your already existing schedule – you shouldn’t have made the plans in the first place!

I could go on forever about this, but I am done lecturing. If you are a friend of mine and think I am directly targeting you (I bet at least six of you think I wrote this with you in mind) I swear on Jack the dog that I am not targeting one person. But, if anyone can learn a lesson from my soap box rant – try and be courteous of others’ time. We all have so much going on and those extra 15 minutes we wait for you, could be spent watching trash reality shows in our PJ’s at home. Thanks and happy Thursday!

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