The problem with normal

Lately I’ve been thinking about the meaning of being normal. Normal is such a silly concept because who decides the boundaries and guidelines? To me, normal is growing up in a nice home, going to a nice college, having a nice job, finding a nice husband, having some nice kids and then yadda yadda yadda…death.... Read more »

NOT a top ten list about what to do before your 20's end

I was doing some “research” for this post idea I had and in .45 seconds Google confirmed the need for me to write this. There are <wait for it> 1,320,000,000 Google results on “lists of things you should do before you turn 30”. If my math is accurate, that’s 26,400,000,000 things we are supposed to “fit in”... Read more »

Patience is a virtue

According to some really famous Greek philosophy dudes from long long ago, there are seven heavenly virtues, which of course, oppose the seven deadly sins. I’m sure I could think of a handful more virtues that an upstanding citizen should posses and I am absolutely positive I can think of far more than seven deadly sins. 15 just came time... Read more »

Is it me or have people gotten meaner?

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s almost June and us Chicagoans have yet to experience one solid week of Summer weather — but have people gotten exponentially ruder over the past few weeks? I’ve had two “run-ins” on the street with strangers lately that were significant enough to A) ruin my day and B) have me ponder... Read more »

Back from sabbatical

As many of my regular readers are aware, I have been MIA for the past month. This was not an accident. I wasn’t “busy at work” or “taking a break from writing,” I intentionally stayed as far away from my computer as humanly possible (except at work where I focus solely on writing about my clients). I didn’t... Read more »

Reality Reality and Social Media Reality

Everyone does it. And if you say you don’t you are probably lying or just a compulsive “over-sharer”. Either way it is turning into an epidemic. People are using social media platforms to show ONLY the best portrayals of themselves. I mean it makes perfect sense. Why would I feel the need to tell my... Read more »

Spring cleaning: taking a "friendventory"

We all have people in our lives who have touched us in some way and then disappeared. I don’t mean actually disappeared like passed away or moved really far, but rather, they just sort of fell out of your everyday life and you parted ways. I tend to go through these cycles rather frequently. It’s not that... Read more »

CrossFit is a cult and I want to try the Kool-Aid

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is I have the tendency to get obsessed with things fairly easily. My mom used to have this friend that would do this religiously. One day she was obsessed with needle point, the next she had this strange female obsession with Chicago Bears paraphernalia (but could care less about... Read more »

Lateness is Rudeness

If you know me, you know I am ALWAYS (Ok, maybe like 94% of the time) EARLY to appointments, meetings, events, dinners, dates, everything. I am extremely “type-A” and get really bad anxiety when I know I will be arriving right at the time I am supposed to meet someone or G-d forbid, after. Considering... Read more »

Oscars 2013 - Totally Unimpressed with the Fashion

So I spent Sunday evening glued to my television as per usual when an awards show is on. I have become obsessed with the Red Carpets more because I love the social media conversations that ensue and how I can connect from my couch to people all over the world. I was hashtaggin’ away and... Read more »