Now that winter is back, you need one of these hats!

Now that the spring tease is over, it is back to winter which means back to coats and hats.  As much as I was hoping the spring weather was here to stay,  no such luck.  The good news about it still being winter, is that I have some amazing hats to share with you made by Sloane Conway.  Sloane is a nine year old fourth grader at Mann School in Oak Park.  She is the founder/ boss of Sloanemade.  Yes, that is correct, she has her own company.  She knits hats, purses, and other small items all by herself, they even have the cutest label.

Sloane started crocheting and sewing when she was four with her grandma Nana.  In the summer of 2016, she learned to knit from her other grandma Gigi.  After attending a Camp Little Bits workshop last summer, she got motivated to start really knitting on her own and was determined to make a purse.  She succeeded, which prompted her mom to tell her if she made forty items she would enroll her in a craft fair.

Sloane rose to the occasion and this past fall was part of a contest at the Elmhurst Creative Kids Festival.  The festival picks three of the most interesting booths to be featured at Main Street Candy and Toys Shop in Elmhurst.  Sloane won and she was given a pop up shop within the store to sell her items.  She did extremely well and hence, Sloanemade was created.

Sloane takes custom orders, you can even send her a picture of what you would like and she will make it.  She showcases her items on Instagram.  Just send her a message if you see something you like or in the comments to tell her what you want.  She also has a website that you can send her a message if there is a hat or item you want.  She has forms that you can fill out to design your own or a “Sloane of your own.”

I have tons of pictures of her items in my gallery that you can also choose from.  The hats range in price from $20-$30.  They come in all sizes from baby to adult.  Follow her on Instagram, @sloanemade or email her at  This story just warms my heart from the grandmas teaching Sloane to knit, to her beautiful products each designed and home made by a driven nine year old girl.  This women’s movement has me loving winter!

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