10 Reasons Why You Can Never Make a Wrong Decision in Life

The original author of this list is unknown. It’s called Rules for Being Human. To give credit where credit is due, if you’re the creator of this list, please stand up. I want to shake your hand.

The idea that I’m making the wrong, or a bad, decision in life is paralyzing. It has held me captive for hours, days, months and even years at times. Can you relate?

If you knew, in your heart of hearts that you could truly never make a wrong decision, would your life be different?

Sit with these ideas today. Take them in fully. Turn off your phone, give your kids to the babysitter, put on your flip-flops and walk to the beach. Find your happy place; then, read this list.

I’ve listed the rules below. Then, I give a short interpretation of the rule.

Rule one: You will receive a body.

That one is obvious. I agree one hundred percent.

Rule two: You will learn lessons.

I no longer prefer that term lessons. For me, it has negative connotations. It feels like lessons mean I’m in trouble. I prefer to say I’ll have adventures and how I feel about those adventures is totally up to me. I can see them as limiting or I can see them as helpful. Totally my call.

Rule three: There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Whatever I do, the way I choose to respond, the way I feel today about any subject is not a mistake. Anyone who tells me I’m doing it wrong is no longer someone I want to speak to about that subject. I am not doing to wrong. I am doing it the only way I can, at the moment. I can love them but they don’t get to coach me on something where they use negativity to try and get me to change. For me, negativity is not how I want to be inspired to grow and change.

Rule four: A lesson is repeated until learned.

This one is not as bad as it sounds. This one sort of sounds like you’ll have to repeat fourth-grade math facts until you memorize them producing an A grade. It’s not this way. Why? We create our own realities. We’re not victims of anything. It’s not about the proving of anything to anyone. It’s about enjoying the journey and looking at life from different perspectives as often as possible.

Rule five: Learning lessons does not end.

Totally true. Growing, expanding, and shifting perspectives is a never ending process. It even goes on after the death of the physical body. Consciousness expands even after you die.

Rule six: “There” is no better than “here”.

If you’re always looking to be happy at some point in the future, you’ll never be happy. Make peace with where you are and you’ll be surprised at how quickly life gets better. You can apply this to your goals if you wish. If you wait to be happy until you accomplish your goal, you’ll never be happy. Once you get that thing you want, done, something else pops into your awareness and you make that your new goal. You’re either happy with the way life’s unfolding or you’re happy for the one day you accomplish the goal.

Rule seven: Others are simply mirrors of yourself.

In order to totally absorb this one, you’ve got to study how reality gets created for us. We create our own realities and everything we witness, experiences, start inside and end outside us. If you’ve ever felt like something is being done to you, that you’re a victim, then this one is worth understanding. When you get this one on a gut level, you’re truly free.

Rule eight: What you make of your life is up to you.

This one means you must to stop blaming your parents, your friends, the economy, your body type, your physical discomfort, the divorce, the ticket you got for speeding, and the trainer you just overpaid for your results. Take back your control internally, first. Then, watch your outside world change for the better.

Rule nine: Your answers lie inside you.

Once you understand that reality is created on an inside-out basis, this makes so much more sense. When you’re confused about why your life, experiences and situations happen as they do, this won’t make any sense. Looking outside at people, jobs, money, situations, teachers, events to find answers is challenging precisely because they were created inside you before they appeared outside you. If you want to get to the root of your challenges AND your miracles, look internally at the most chronic feelings you have on a daily basis.

Rule ten: You will forget all this.

Incarnating as a human is like childbirth for a mother. Painful at times during the process but one in which we would do over and over. It’s that special, that rewarding. Why do we forget all the lessons from the last incarnation? Precisely because we understand, from our non-physical standpoint, the value of seeing life through a fresh, new perspective. We chose to do this, over and over, seeing it for the first time, every time.

All ¬†perspectives have value, even the challenging ones. Without them, our lives would never expand into something new and different. Life is full of constant contrast because it’s the exact thing allowing us to know more clearly what we want. When we know what we don’t want, we know what we do!

There you have it. Ten reasons why you can never make a wrong decision. Reading this and intellectually understanding it is not our challenge as human beings. Believing it is.

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